Dear Customer:


We have received many, many calls this past week regarding our popular Snuggle Nest product.  We've been overwhelmed with your support during this challenging time and we want to express our heartfelt appreciation to you.   


Since most of our callers have expressed their desire to actually keep the positioners and wedges in the Snuggle Nest, we thought it might be a good idea to provide you with more information that could affect your options.  To clarify, Snuggle Nest has not been recalled.  Positioners in general have not been recalled and there is no ban on these products at this time.  The CPSC issued a warning against the use of these products. You can see the warning and supporting information at   We took very confident and quick action when we learned of this, in order to provide our customers with clear direction for the safest products.  Furthermore, we are already designing the next generation of Snuggle Nest to debut in 2011, which will address this challenge.  


In the meantime, the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association has issued its own statement.  It is different from that of the CPSC and actually supports the safe and responsible use of sleep positioners, urging consumers to use this warning as a reminder to carefully follow manufacturers' instructions for usage on each product.  We are including this statement below in order to keep you informed, so that you can make educated decisions moving forward.  


Thank you again for your support.




Farah Morton


Baby Delight Inc.