CellPhoneUseisharmfultoyourhealth.jpg Cell Phone Use is harmful to your health picture by HeyUBabyDotCom

Frequent cell-phone users, defined as those who talk more than 22 hours (1,320 minutes) a month, have a fifty percent higher risk of developing a tumor of the parotid gland (salivary glands near the ear), according to Israeli researchers and the American Journal of Epidemiology.

The risk was higher if users clamped the cell-phone to the same ear, did not use hands-free devices, or were in rural areas where devices typically must send out a stronger signal to reach cell towers that are farther away.

The study included 402 benign and 58 malignant cases of parotid gland tumor diagnosed in Israel. The research was led by a cancer and radiation expert at the Chaim Sheba Medical Centre in Israel and as part of a World Health Organization project.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends minimizing any potential risk by using hands-free devices and keeping cell-phone talk to a minimum.