Choosing a breast pump which will best meet your needs can be difficult, especially with a wide range of breast pumps available in the market. Choosing a breast pump can be challenging, but getting the best one can be rewarding for you and your baby. Busy mothers and mothers of twins or triplets can use a breast pump as an essential tool to feed their babies even if they are away from the baby for a longer period of time. By following a few tips on how to choose a breast pump from the different breast pumps available, you can shorten the list down to a few dozens. Here are some tips which will help you choose the right breast pump for your needs:

Manual breast pump vs. electric breast pump The first thing to consider is whether to go for a manual breast pump or a breast electric pump. This totally depends on your preference and how often will you be using a pump to express milk. Manual or hand held breast pumps are designed for occasional use. They are also compact and easy to carry around and can be used without hassle when traveling on a long journey, on plane or by road when you cannot use an electric breast pump.

Manual breast pumps are also less expensive, but will require more effort by the mom to express milk. An electric breast pump on the other hand uses a motor to do the work for you, reducing time and effort used. Manual breast pumps are also extremely affordable and are mostly used by moms who want to maintain their breast milk supply by pumping between feedings. Breast pumps like Medela Harmony and Avent Isis are some of the top rated manual breast pumps available in the market.

How often will you be traveling – The second thing to consider is how often the mom will be traveling. Carrying a bulky breast pump around can be a lot of hassle. A lightweight and compact breast pump which is easy to use and assemble as well as clean should be bought. The pump should also come with a carry case, making it easy for you to move around. Carrying cases also have a cooling bag to let you store milk for extended periods without refrigeration, which is convenient for moms who are on the move most of the time.

Frequency of pumping – The next thing you should think about before buying a pump is how often you will be using it. Electric breast pumps are designed to let you pump several times a day and quicken the process for you with their dual pumping mechanism. On the other hand, manual breast pumps can only be used to pump one breast at a time, which can be difficult and time consuming if you want to pump several times a day. A popular Medela breast pump (Pump Style Advanced) is a top rated electric breast pump designed to provide ease, convenience and comfort to moms.

Availability of power sources – Electric breast pumps can either run on batteries or they will need an electric power supply to work. If you are a working mom, who has to travel a lot daily, for example by bus or on public transport, you will not always have access to a power source. Electric breast pumps are expensive, but they will not be of much use if you have to move around all the time. Make sure that you go for a battery operated breast pump or a manual one if you will be moving around a lot. Buying a vehicle power adapter for your breast pump is also a good idea if you use your own vehicle to travel around.

Read reviews and product specifications – When you have already considered the above listed options, you will already have short listed some breast pumps which meet your needs. Make sure you read reviews of these short listed breast pumps on websites and ask other lactation moms for their opinions regarding a particular breast pump, if they have used it. Customer reviews can greatly affect your decision in choosing the right breast pump. They will also tell you if the pump is comfortable to use, whether it makes noise or not, and if the pump is easy to use, assemble and disassemble and clean after use.