The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the industry and the safe selection and use of juvenile products, addresses concerns regarding the recent warning about sleep positioners.

Unless instructed by a physician, it is best for healthy, full-term babies to sleep on their back to help reduce the risk of SIDS. JPMA promotes safe sleep practices such as "Back to Sleep" and agrees that, in order to avoid suffocation hazards, babies should not be placed on their sides or tummies.

For years, parents have been interested in the use of sleep positioners to ensure that babies are properly placed on their back to sleep. Sleep positioners are designed to position babies on their back, and prevent them from rolling over. They promote safe sleep practice and support the "Back to Sleep" campaign. Babies should not be placed to sleep in a sleep positioner on their side or tummy. To the extent that producers of sleep positioners make medical claims related to use of their products, they must be substantiated by law.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) noted in its release that these products are not being recalled. But this warning should serve as a reminder to all consumers to regularly check their products to ensure that they are being used properly.

JPMA members strive to produce high quality, safe products that comply with all relevant industry and federal standards just as consumers bear the responsibility to safely use those products according to the instructions and guidance provided. When we both do this successfully we create a safer environment for our children.

JPMA recommends that parents and caregivers cautiously follow product instructions and restrictions and use their experience and keenly attuned instincts when caring for babies at all times.

The following are a few safety guidelines to always remember when using your sleep postioner:

  • Normal, healthy infants should ALWAYS sleep on their backs unless otherwise advised by a pediatrician.
  • NEVER place infants to sleep on pillows, sofa cushions, adult beds, waterbeds, beanbags, or any other surface not specifically designed for infant sleep.
  • Do not create unsafe makeshift solutions, such as rolled up blankets or soft pillow supports if you cannot find items to support safe sleep needs.
  • Once your baby is able to roll over independently, you should stop using a sleep positioner


Make Every Night a Safe Night Campaign

In an effort to further educate parents on creating a safe sleep environment, JPMA has developed a comprehensive safe sleep campaign. Together, with related industry partners, JPMA is committed to educating parents and caregivers nationwide on the best safe sleep practices to make every night with baby a good, safe night. For more information on this initiative, visit .