AVENT: We believe the Avent DUO is one of the best breast pump on the market today. The Avent ISIS IQ DUO is built more comparable to the Medela Symphony Electric Breast Pump - a breast pump that has been considered the “top-of the line” breast pump since it was introduced (it can cost up to $2000!).

AMEDA: The Ameda Purely Yours breast pumps are becoming more and more popular as mothers become more educated about their choices. Mothers everywhere are seeking out breast pumps that ensure the highest level of hygiene. Ameda tends to have has less name recognition in certain parts of the US but this in no way effects their ability to make a fantastic breast pump with many features better than some of the other breast pumps on the market today.

MEDELA: Medela has been a leader in the breastfeeding (lactation) community for years. Their product line is diverse and are built to be long lasting. The Medela Pump In Style Advanced is one of the fastest selling breast pumps worldwide. But even though they are a leader, they have been slow to adapt their accessory system to be a “closed system “. A closed system is key to maintaining milk purity and preventing milk contamination during pumping.

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